SCI-Fi veterans Ronny Cox and Aaron Douglas join forces to battle aliens in the upcoming film \”Cockpit\”

14 Nov, 2016 – CA – In 2011, the short film Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement soared to glory through the sci-fi festival circuit.  The short film spent a year making the rounds, winning 14 awards, including the Douglas Trumbull award at the Seattle Sci-Fi + Fantasy Film Fest.  That same year it debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.  It’s the action-packed story of warfare at the edge of the galaxy, where an alien enemy can mess with human minds — and make you blow up your friends.  The entire film was made for an astonishing budget of just $3000. Since its release on YouTube, it’s had nearly 800,000 views.

It’s back in the news today because it’s going to be a feature film! The new Kickstarter is trying to raise $95,000 – a drop in the bucket compared to fan productions like Axanar and they’re already well on their way.  If the film is anything like the quality of the short film, it’s going to be an amazing sci-fi epic.

The 10 minutes short film stars Ronny Cox from Robocop, Helena Taylor, and Karl Champley.  The story of the film features the Commander Bobbie “Liberty” Johnson-Lee, who falls prey to alien mind control which makes her struggle to get back to her career and family. The film takes place in one location which is the cockpit of a long-range fighter plane.

The cockpit is a movie focused on the sci-fi community and with this short film, the creators want to give a glimpse of what could be a full-fledged movie if the fundraiser becomes successful.

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