Help Diabetics in Need: Sell Unwanted Diabetic Test Strips Fast and Easily

November 14, 2016 – There are tens of thousands of diabetics exposed to serious health risks every day simply because they cannot afford, or do not have access to, common diabetic test strips in order to perform necessary daily testing.  There are also thousands of sealed, unused diabetic test strip boxes sitting forgotten on a shelf and going to waste.  Diabetic Test Strips USA buys these unneeded diabetic test strips and redistributes them where needed.  The company is dedicated to improving people’s lives through enabling the recovery and recycling of unneeded glucose test strips, delivering them to people who desperately need them but are not able to procure them.

Diabetic Test Strips USA pays cash for diabetic test strips that are sealed in the box, unexpired and unused.  Selling unwanted diabetes test strips is fast and easy and can be done over the phone.  People with unwanted glucose test strips from the leading manufacturers can call or text +1-404-671-8404 to receive a free quote.  Photos of the front of the box as well as the expiration date are required to verify the product.  If the quote is acceptable, then the test strips are mailed in and payment in cash is delivered the next day.

Diabetic test strips are a necessary lifesaving medical supply for millions of Americans suffering from diabetes.  Those who cannot afford to purchase them or whose insurance does not cover the cost of these critical supplies are facing critical and life threatening complications.  Join with Diabetic Test Strips USA to help these people and provide them with the basic medical supplies they need to assure a long and productive life.

To learn more about Diabetic Test Strips USA, or to sell diabetes test strips and benefit others in need, please visit or call +1-404-671-8404.

About Diabetic Test Strips USA

Founded with a desire to benefit those less fortunate, Diabetic Test Strips USA is dedicated to making unneeded diabetic test strips available to diabetics who do not have the necessary resources to procure these lifesaving supplies.  The company is committed to creating long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with both suppliers and buyers.

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