November 14, 2016 – What can a man who has taught volleyball in Switzerland teach you about being a great leader? You will be surprised when you take a look at The Art of Successful Leadership, the new book by Michel F. Bolle.

Bolle has made a name for himself as a prominent volleyball coach in Switzerland. He has spent time as a player himself and has worked over the years to train many players in a variety of international competitions, leading them to a variety of honors and championships. He has also served time in the military and has learned a number of important skills over that time period.

Today Bolle is sharing his knowledge of leadership with the rest of the world. His work in the military and in the sporting world has taught him many important lessons that he is aiming to share with the rest of the world. These include lessons on how to be a stronger and more proficient leader.

In this new book, Bolle discussed how people have their own identities that influence and empower the many things that they do. They follow their own goals and wants. By understanding how to tap into the individual needs and wants than other people, it will be easier for you to influence them and to be a better overall leader.

This book especially discusses how to relate to people on various levels. This includes understanding what has to be done to adjust the opinions and values of people in many ways. It is all with the goal of helping people to feel positive and comfortable about whatever they are trying to get into.

As you read this book, you will learn more about being a greater leader and knowing how to do more for other people. The facts and information listed in this book will help you do the most with your work and be productive as a better overall leader.

You might be surprised at the information you will come across in this book. The Art of Successful Leadership is an important book that will help people get the most out of different pieces of subject matter as needed.

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Michel F. Bolle is a former Swiss volleyball player and coach who has more than 25 years of experience in his field. Today business excecutive in the field of industrial valves, Bolle is also the author of the eco-novel Nature Hits Back.

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