Tests4Geeks Decodes the Secrets of Conducting Successful C++ Interviews

Widely trusted and one of the most popular services for IT skills assessment – Tests4Geeks has by now helped hundreds and thousands of companies and interviewers in conducting interviews successfully and finding the right person for their company. Similarly, Tests4Geeks has yet again made successful interviews simple and convenient for the interviewers. This time Tests4Geeks has published C++ Programming Interview Tests and Proven C++ Interview Questions.

“We know how frustrating it is for the interviewer to spend his/her entire day interviewing candidates, but still not being able to find any suitable candidate for the job. This is the reason why Tests4Geeks’ team invests a lot of time and efforts in developing methods to make the interviewing job easy, and most importantly – fruitful for the interviewer. So, if you are an interviewer and are looking for methods to make your interviews more fruitful, then don’t worry because now with Tests4Geeks you will be able to do this without any hassle”, stated the spokesperson of Tests4Geeks.

The recently updated C++ Programming Test is specially designed by Professionals, including Chris Jester-Young, Thomas ten Cate, Agustín Bergé, and Thomas Pigarelli – in order to test candidates-programmers before hiring. This 60-min test comprises of Total 20 Questions and is designed to test Mid-Level Programmers only. The C++ Programming Test is not about finding great candidates, but it is about weeding out bad ones. Though Tests4Geeks also suggests that the interviewer should take other important things like overall professional experience and the ability to work as part of a team in consideration, as they simply can’t judge whether a candidate is a good fit for their company based on skill test scores alone!

The best thing is that, Tests4Geeks has also published 10 Proven C++ Interview Questions. This is a blog post article – extending the basic test and explaining what questions the interviewers can ask developers on live interviews. In short, these questions are useful in further examining the candidates. These questions are developed by Professionals, including Thomas ten Cate, Agustín Bergé, Thomas Pigarelli, Robert Haberlach, Cameron Desrochers, and Michele Caini. All the 10 C++ Interview Questions are tried and tested, so the interviewer does not have to worry about the efficiency of these questions and can use them without any doubts.


Tests4Geeks is the service for IT skills assessment. It’s a tool which makes the process of hiring programmers easier. Each programming test is developed by professionals with great knowledge, experience, and skill.

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