Reputed Grief Coach Offers Holiday Grief Support To Washington, D.C. Area Residents

Dora Carpenter, the grief coach and founder of From Grief to Gratitude, offers holiday grief support to residents of Washington, D.C area.

Reputed grief coach and founder of From Grief to Gratitude, Dora Carpenter has announced holiday grief support to those who are shattered by the loss of a dear loved one. According to her, incidents and events such as family togetherness, gift giving, decorations, and celebrations can bring back the grief and pain caused by the loss of a dear one. These are the times when the void that has been left could become more intense.

“Regardless of the time elapsed since the loss of your loved one, the pain and the grief won’t go away easily,” says Dora Carpenter, the certified and well-known grief coach. “We help people and families who find themselves in such situations by helping them cope with holiday grief. Our tips and support can help you overcome the emotional distress that you suffer when others celebrate joyous occasions.”

Dora Carpenter has introduced a 21-Day Holiday Grief to Gratitude Challenge. It includes daily tools, tips, and exercises to help people manage their emotions of grief better during this holiday season and beyond. According to the grief coach, no one really understands the feelings and emotions of someone who has lost a dear one. However, sharing the feeling with individuals who are compassionate and non-judgmental can help in coping with the stress and pain associated with the loss a lot better.

Dora Carpenter has been working in the death care industry for many years now and has helped hundreds of families in making final arrangements for departed loved ones. She is passionate about helping individuals deal with the extreme grief of loss caused by death. 

According to the grief support expert, the reality of the death actually sets in after the services are over, once the task-mode is over and family and friends have gone back to their daily routine. The depth of loss comes to the fore when they have no one to communicate their helplessness and despair. Most people who try to comfort them often end up triggering more emotional responses by saying all the wrong things, which can further aggravate their pain.

Dora Carpenter, ‘the angel of comfort’ as one client referred to her, has the experience and the ability to deal with such situations and individuals. She provides a calming and empathetic approach in her highly effective grief coaching process which can provide that much-needed touch of real and deep healing to people.

About From Grief to Gratitude:

The From Grief to Gratitude coaching program has been carefully designed to provide relief from the emotional distress to the affected individual. Dora Carpenter, the founder of the program, shows them how to be aware of the pitfalls of grief and how to avoid them. They are shown how to understand and acknowledge their painful emotions, and take the right steps to accept the loss. The program also helps monitor the progress of the grief and emerge out of the situation. 

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