Couple Works Together to Share Cancer Treatment Experience to Help Others

DURHAM, NC – 14 Nov, 2016 – Donald Thomas went to urgent care reluctantly.  Throughout most all of his life, medical related situations were resolved with over-the-counter solutions.  But this time, Lynn somehow convinced him this time was different.  She was right.

Five doctors later and approaching Thanksgiving, Don and his wife are unexpectedly living a life that they had previously only read about in health journals. Cancer tumors in the neck and the throat started the couple on an unexpected journey.  A seven week intense treatment plan of chemo and radiation would essentially burn the disease out of his system at a carefully controlled rate.  Hopefully a rate that also enables the surrounding and more healthy cells to heal and survive.  It may or may not work and while odds are relatively in Don’s favor, a long list of serious side effects could turn out to be permanent.

To better cope with the upheaval in relationship, finances and work schedules, Don and Lynn turn to support each other to write a book about the experience.  Unlike speaking to doctors who can explain what might happen and when, Don gives a very readable, sometimes humorous, ever so colorful way to share what he actually experiences in real time.  Features of the storytelling include how the process has benefitted from a healthy marriage relationship; a couple who first met in high school on a blind date.  Surpassing 30 years of marriage, they now have a more powerful bond than ever and appreciate what they mean to each other and how God has blessed them to get them to a poignant place in their lives.

Don dubbed the book Inevitable; One couple’s battle against one particular cancer in honor of Lynn’s use of the word early in their relationship.

“While not implying destiny and an unavoidable storyline”, Don points out.  “The inevitability of how our souls have united to conquer the challenges in our marriage is personally unquestionable.”

The book also artfully incorporates products and services that turned out making the experience so much more tolerable with hopes that others that embark on a similar path may now have some advanced idea of what things might make life just a little easier for them.

Updates to the progress of the book may be found at  This site is enhanced regularly with photos, news and other information related to the development of the book.

A more secure web site is also available for industry VIPs who may wish to review the developing material for any number of marketing and public relations purposes.  Emails are welcome at from product makers to publishers requesting access to the book in progress.

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