Zentrope.net uses creative Instagram Brand Campaigns to create stunning profiles for businesses

15 Nov, 2016 – Instagram has gained immense popularity among the business owners in the recent times, as it helps the businesses to have over 25% rate of engagement than the rest of social media platforms. No wonder, Instagram has more than 500 million users each month with 95 million videos and photos uploaded everyday and has 4.2 billion likes each day. Also, this social media platform has the latest tools to provide help to business people to improve the digital marketing strategies that they have and to offer the much needed leverage in business. Instagram launched the latest tools like business analytics, the capability to change posts as ads using Instagram platform and business profiles on 31st May this year. These business tools are available for free and can help the businesses to have a lasting impression by offering details about business performance to stay connected with their customer base.

This is why Zentrope.net makes use of such creative Instagram Brand Campaigns to create impressive profiles for their business clients irrespective of their business size. This would help their customers to follow their business profile, as it would be loaded with promotion abilities, contact button and business insights. The business profile on Instagram created by Zentrope.net has a contact button that would help the viewers make calls, text, receive directions and send email to establish a contact. The business owners would be able to find the information about consumer behavior and the demographic of their audience, which would aid them to create more relevant and accurate posts.

One can visit the blog post at Zentrope at the link http://www.zentrope.net/18-creative-instagram-brand-campaigns-by-using-business-profiles, to find more details about the Instagram business profiles.

The business profile also has bar chart icon to help the user know the insights on data analysis and the followers section helps in breaking down the demographic of followers and shows the peak time of their Instagram usage. With the business account, the business people can decide who their target audiences are, which post can be promoted and the time length of the promotion. When referring to the site at http://www.zentrope.net, one would be surprised to know that top brands have been using Instagram Business Profiles to make successful marketing campaigns that grab the attention of online customers. Businesses dealing in cosmetics, clothing, finance, sports goods, travel, eateries, public services, retail, automobile, fashion and lifestyle have experienced impressive business leverage with their business profiles on Instagram.

About Zentrope.net:

Zentrope.net, a successful company offering online digital marketing service is involved in helping the startups, small, midsized and big companies reach out to potential customers with effective branding strategies. They develop Corporate Responsibility programs as well as public value programs that have a better effect on employees, customers, clients, shareholders and communities. The major aim of this company is to offer the right kind of guidance about execution of strategy, customer relationship, making businesses stronger. Their customized business solutions are offered within the budget of the businesses. 

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