Small Business Trailblazer Steven Norrell Launches Norrell Group Consulting

USA – 14 Nov, 2016 – Steven Norrell is a natural leader.  From an early age he followed his own path, literally.  An outdoor guide and competitive whitewater kayaker by the time he reached high school, Steven Norrell founded his first business as a freshman in college, landscaping.

“I designed and worked on landscapes while I earned my Bachelor’s degree and aligned with the best landscape architect and contractor I could find,” Steven said.

From lemonade stands and plans for elaborate enterprises in grade school, to launching a full fledged ecological consulting firm after college.  Norrell has a knack for turning passion into business success.

“Passion is the most important part!” he elaborates, “It’s more powerful than experience and knowledge by far.  Those things can be gathered, but passion is a part of who we are.”

Since then, the 28 year old entrepreneur has worked with dozens of small businesses.  While he has always loved business strategy and the innovation behind ‘big ideas’, Steven noticed a void in the small business arena.

“I wanted to see business owners focus on the vision that brought them to market in the first place.  What’s been missing is a team that can grasp the big picture and provide tactical solutions to challenges that are inevitable on the way there.”

It is a consulting firm on a mission, “To turn big ideas into reality.”  The Norrell Group boasts a team of specialists in management, planning & development, data analytics, finance, sales, and business strategy.  They bring strengths across the board, covering human resources, public relations, and social media, Steven has managed to arrange strengths within his team that work cohesively and achieve remarkable results.  Essentially, the Norrell Group offers a one stop shop for small business visionaries who are ready to bring their venture to the next level.

Steven adds, “What’s really unique about our firm is that each one of us is dedicated to our area of expertise as a lifestyle.  We love what we do and it’s that passion for our particular areas of expertise that we bring to the table for our clients.”

Norrell claims his aspirations have grown, that he had initially pursued success in business to the point of living a life outside of the box, that he fully loves. Today, the trailblazing prodigy has expanded his dedication to help others achieve the same.  Armed with an adaptable methodology, the Norrell Group implements a system for success. Through assessment, strategic planning, tactical execution, and monitoring, the firm paints the picture that anything is possible in business and in life.

“It is,” Steven insists, “anything is possible.”  His enthusiasm soars as he addresses attentive high school students at Del Oro High School in Loomis, California. “It’s a matter of believing in your vision and making the right decisions as you face the challenges that come. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.”

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