YOURLOOK Jackets Offer Stylish Fashion that Also Protects Against Injury

From household or automobile accidents to acts of violence, the world presents a multitude of potential threats to your person.  Most clothes are not designed to protect you against the kinds of injuries that may result from a collision with a sharp object or an attack with a bladed weapon, but the new YOURLOOK Jacket is. The YOURLOOK Jacket is specially designed and manufactured using an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene that is cut and puncture resistant, making it ideal for wearers in high risk activities as well as those who fear bodily injury.

In addition to enhanced cut and slash resistance, YOURLOOK Jackets have an appealing micro fiber outer shell that is visually appealing as well as waterproof and wind resistant.  The inner lining is a polyester taffeta that is comfortable and retains body heat. Furthermore, the YOURLOOK Jacket looks and feels like other clothing, so you can wear it on a daily basis. The tough, durable materials are also machine washable, so there is no worry about maintaining it. This initial jacket comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

The YOURLOOK Jacket is likely to become one of the most popular new clothing lines when it hits store shelves, but through an Indiegogo campaign, you can obtain your own YOURLOOK Jacket before the public.  If you act now you can reserve your own Early Bird YOURLOOK Jacket along with perks like a Thai souvenir box, key chain, Thai loin cloth, gold card, or exclusive distribution rights at a steep discount off of the retail price. To learn more about the YOURLOOK Jacket, or to purchase one, please visit

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