Lilholt Technology Solutions, LLC. And Universal Language Productions, LLC. Set To Launch ULP TV App

Riverton, NJ – Lilholt Technology Solutions, LLC. and Universal Language Productions, LLC. are proud to announce that the ULP TV App, the result of the companies’ fruitful collaboration, is set to be released.

Lilholt Technology Solutions, LLC., the app’s software developer company, partnered with Universal Language Productions, LLC., to take advantage of the former’s branding materials and intellectual property, in an agreement which further wrought out the provision that ULP TV’s featured content will be comprised by co-branded videos.

ULP TV is a cross-platform, video-streaming, entertainment mobile app, which allows users to stream content on their smartphones, tablets, computers, as well as their Roku Set-Top Boxes, and Amazon Fire TV devices. With the app’s slogan being “ULP TV and Chill”, users are invited to create their own channels, or browse existing ones, in a channel-scouting environment much akin to that of searching through cable TV channel stations.

Through integrating with various set-top boxes, portable devices and platforms, app users can enjoy an unmatched, seamless viewing experience through accessing their ULP TV app account on the device of their choosing. Rife with pre-set channel selections, users can select between the existing channels, create their bespoke channel and syndicate the scheduled video content of their preference.

Among ULP TV app’s featured show syndication roaster, users can find a program on entomophagy, which was created in collaboration with the food movement’s leading brand, BUGYUM; as well as a Boating With Billy, hosted by competitive sailing icon William Sheldon Marting (aka Billy Martin).

ULP TV app’s revenue model is based around an internal ad serving platform, through which commercials could gain air time.

By late 2016, the app will be available on the Google Play Store, while users will be able to download the app from Amazon and Roku. The complete list of TV personalities to appear in ULP TV app featured shows will be released at a later date.

Lilholt Technology Solutions, LLC. is an internationally diversified software development and information technology company, with offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Silicon Valley, California.

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Universal Language Productions, LLC. is a highly diversified international entertainment company and media enterprise with offices in the USA (New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA), as well as in Johannesburg, South Africa. Universal Language Productions, LLC. specializes in digital media, distribution, and intellectual property management.

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