MyUpbeatFeet Announces the Release of its Top Nursing Shoe Picks for 2016

Samantha Cooke, the chief editor of MyUpbeatFeet, announces the release of the site’s picks for the best shoes for nurses in 2016.

Nursing is a physically demanding job that takes its toll, especially on the feet of these professionals since they have to stand and move around during their entire shift. Given that the different options which nurses can now choose from when it comes to picking out the right pair of shoes for their work aren’t well-exposed, Samantha Cooke, the chief editor of MyUpbeatFeet, has announced the release of a guide on the most effective nursing shoes that have come out this year.

“There’s really not that much information out there, information that could be saving these men and women from a whole lot of anguish”, Cooke explained. “Our site aims to remedy this by bringing them and the public, current information on the models that are on offer.”

The guide featured on MyUpbeatFeet aims to provide readers with well-researched and thorough reviews on various types and brands of nursing shoes. Clogs, loafers and tennis shoes are represented and studiously described, making readers aware of the fact that their options might not be as limited as previously thought. Cooke writes about each model’s features, not shying away from pointing out flaws or giving attention to strong suits. She concludes each review with a brief personal note on the given shoes’ viability and offers recommendations tailored towards readers with specific conditions.

A separate segment informs the reader about different general aspects that should influence their purchasing decision, such as the different available width options and how different models cater to people with different arch heights or other existing conditions such as heel pain. There is also an overview table that presents each product’s general features and approximate price, helping the reader to compare at a glance.

MyUpbeatFeet is Cooke’s way of spreading knowledge about the adverse effects the wrong kind of footwear can have not just on the health of our feet, but on overall health and well-being as well. It offers guides on the best shoes for nurses, heel pain, or shoes for people suffering from flat feet, freely to the public. Cooke hopes that the knowledge accessible through her site will benefit a number of people in all walks of life so they can leave their pain behind and concentrate on other aspects of their lives.

For more information, Cooke can be reached by phone at +1-217-506-1905 or by visiting online.

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