World\’s First See Through \”Child On Board\” Sticker Prevents Accidents, Promotes Safety

Richmond VA – The large “Child on Board” signs often seen in the back windows of cars are designed to promote safe driving and aid quick rescue. But the stickers may be doing just the opposite.

Studies show nearly half of drivers with small children keep the signs in the rear window at all times. Many report they occasional experience blocked or obscured vision due the sign.

Ethan & Emma, makers of products for babies and family, have come to the rescue with the world’s first see through Child on Board sticker. The cute bold baby graphic is printed on porous material that lets drivers easily see through the sticker.

This is a big help when backing as it helps drivers safely avoid accidents involving toys, objects, children, and pets.

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Additionally, the sticker can be placed anywhere in any window. There is a big improvement over old suction cup designs that can only be placed in certain places, often right in the way of the driver’s rear view.

The Ethan & Emma see through sticker is made with a special UV and weather-resistant ink that won’t fade or deteriorate. The sticker will look good even after years of use giving parents a fine value as their child grows. The sticker can resist hot temperatures and daily sun.

The Ethan & Emma Child On Board Sticker is easy to apply. And while it sticks well and does not come loose, it can easily be removed simply by pealing it off.

Child on Board stickers have been proven to encourage surrounding drivers to be more careful knowing a baby or child is present. Now that the obscured vision hazard as been removed, the new see through sticker gives parents and children a major safety advantage when on the road.

“With so many parents driving in heavy traffic and hazardous conditions, we felt this important improvement was necessary to make the popular Child On Board sticker 100% safe,” said Joe Lau of Ethan and Emma.

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