Tzunami: Market Leaders In Sharepoint Migration


Newyork/15/11/16 – Sharepoint migration, the process of transitioning to either the new version of Sharepoint, or the Office 365 environment, can be, inarguably, a daunting task. In a market saturated with migration companies touting their software as the best in the field, Tzunami stands out – and that is because it is, without a doubt, an industry pioneer.

Prior to using the Tzunami Deployer, the company’s industry-leading migration software, Tzunami urges users to consider the importance of performing data migration. Customers feeling that their current system is in disarray should waste no time. Tzunami has come up with an ingenious 3-step migration plan, which helps facilitate the process, rendering it lightning fast and highly successful.

The first step in the process is the performance of crucial analysis of several factors which will determine migration success. Taking statistics on several aspects of the migration source into consideration, such as data size and organization, as well as usage trends, it is then important to recognize structure restrictions which might lead to potential migration hindrances.

Moving on to the second step, Tzunami recommends preparing a thorough migration plan, a strategy which inarguably leaves little room for error. By performing a crucial migration test, utilizing only 10% of source data, customers can not only evaluate the performance of their current environment, but also gain an understanding of the new environment’s interface and function. This second phase of the process ensures that clients are pleased with migration results, while it also provides assurance through checking that all the appropriate source data have migrated successfully.

The third and final step of the process entails exporting data from the source system, deploying them to the new environment, and committing to the migration process, in the manner it has been set up. During the deployment phase, in the event that any potential errors arise, customers can take solace in knowing that, through contacting Tzunami Customer Support, they can receive guidance on how to navigate these issues.

The Tzunami Deployer Family of Products is in accordance with all SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 SharePoint Online software requirements. Reducing migration duration by a whopping 90%, thousands of companies have placed their trust in performing data migration through utilizing the versio of the Tzunami Deployer which best suits their needs.

Tzunami representatives are known for their excellent, courteous and prompt customer service, aiding clients resolve any potential migration issues. Tzunami takes pride in establishing lasting rapports with numerous esteemed companies, further establishing the company’s place as the top migration software provider.

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