INKAS® adds new Hudson APC to the mix

The new offering from INKAS® is set to provide a high level of security while also maintaining a high standard of comfort for its passengers.

Toronto, Canada – 15 Nov, 2016 – INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has announced the launch of the new Hudson Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). This new armored vehicle is compact and is touted to be extremely reliable. The Hudson APC has been added to the vast armored fleet that the company already possesses and serves the need of tactical units like SWAT, border patrol and law enforcement agencies and is primed for success based on its promise of security and reliability. Based on a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 platform, the vehicle ensures a high level of maneuverability and can transport up to eight passengers and a turret operator. The new offering from INKAS® is set to provide a high level of security while also maintaining a high standard of comfort for its passengers.

The vehicle is built to serve in the toughest of conditions and this armored vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary air conditioning system and an exhaust fan that ensures a high quality of air in the cabin. This vehicle has a powerful 4.5L Diesel V8 and a five-speed manual transmission gearbox that contribute to the vehicle’s superior off road performance and its overall ease of maneuverability. This is where the Hudson APC outshines other vehicles and its ability to deal with situations where space and clearance are limited is impressive. The vehicle is set to appeal to a vast global audience and hence the Hudson APC is offered in both left-hand-drive as well as right-hand-drive configurations.

“This highly-maneuverable and configurable armored personnel carrier can be easily custom-fitted with various technologies and systems making it a great choice for law enforcement agencies,” said David Khazanski, CEO of INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. “We are proud to provide the highest standards of quality, design and workmanship in the industry”.

The INKAS® Hudson APC has body armor of the CEN 1063 Level BR6 specification as defined by the European Committee For Standardization and it helps the vehicle remain unscathed even in the event of a rifle firing and can withstand other major impacts too. In order to ensure durability and reliability of the vehicle, the engine bay and other key mechanical components are with composite lightweight armor materials. Light-weight armor allows the Hudson APC to demonstrate impeccable mobility and superior speed compared to similar sized vehicles – all while ensuring the safety of the passengers in the vehicle.

To handle potentially dangerous situations, the Hudson APC is equipped with a siren/PA system, a removable wire mesh protection for the glass and external view cameras that provide a comprehensive overview of their surroundings .This view helps the driver safely navigate through risky paths and helps to avoid stretches. The wide field-of-view from within the driver cabin as well as electronic night vision system makes the Hudson APC an ideal choice for larger fleets in remote areas. The vehicle also has perimeter gun attachment and this enables the vehicle to offer tactical support to ward off a threat. The vehicle is set to reach out to a global audience with its underlying qualities being safety and reliability.

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