Bella Vino Decanter and Aerator Now Available for Purchase on Amazon

The Decanter and Wine Aerator by Bella Vino are now available to buy on The Decanter is made from high-quality lead-free crystal and has an elegant, sturdy, and lightweight design that makes it easy to use. The wide bottomed base of the decanter allows the wine to breathe, giving it a richer and smoother taste.

Bella Vino Decanter and Wine Aerator has three main selling points. Firstly, the product’s design combines both elegance and practicality. The decanter is stylishly shaped with a wide bottom allowing the wine plenty of room to breathe. This has been well known to soften the tannins, which give a wine its bitterness and astringency. As a result, the wine develops a richer aroma and taste.

Secondly, the wine aerator is made from 100% lead-free crystal, which gives the product its lightweight and sturdy characteristics. This means the decanter can be easily handled. The carafe also has a slanted spout, which minimizes the risk of spillage so people don’t need to worry about the accidental mess, and can concentrate on pouring and drinking the wine. The product also comes with package instructions, which guide in the process of decanting. Moreover, the decanter is 750 ml in size so is suitable for decanting standard size bottles of wine.

Thirdly, the product has a classic decorative design, which can make it an ideal centerpiece for any occasion such as weddings, parties, and intimate dinners. The decanter can also be a great gift set accompanied by red and white wine for birthdays and anniversaries.

Bella Vino’s Decanter and Wine Aerator has attracted 153 reviews, the majority of them very positive achieving an average star rating of 4.3 out of 5. For example, Patrick M says, “It [the decanter] is the perfect size for a full bottle, and the bowl provides a large surface area to allow the wine to open up very nicely. It’s stable, and I didn’t have to worry about it tipping, and spilling my expensive wine. Our dinner guests also commented on its classy look on our dinner table.”

The decanter is available for purchase from Amazon at

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