Mindfulness Meditation App Welzen, Redefines Meditation For Modern Day Living

Latest mindfulness meditation app Welzen makes meditation easier from mobile phone and tablets with its wide range of simple, practical and engaging wellness tools that will altogether lead to a happier and calmer life.

Atlanta, GA – November 15, 2016 – We have long heard the virtues of meditation in living a stress-free life. However, the contemporary packed world hardly spares us the room to slow down and enjoy a peaceful “me-time”. But there is good news, newly launched mindfulness meditation app Welzen has simplified meditation to as easy as one swipe on your phone, right in tune with our busy modern day living. The app aims to establish meditation as a simple path to a happier life.

Designed by seasoned meditators Beatriz Ospina and Esteban Gonzalez, Welzen is available for both Android and iOS users.

“Welzen is here to redefine meditation to make it more convenient for you. We want to bust the myth that meditation only implies sitting cross-legged, gurus chanting mantras and incense sticks all around. Being meditators ourselves we understand the main essence of a successful meditation practice and the Welzen app is all about that. It paves a ground-breaking outlook towards meditation that can be done as easily as tapping on a switch, with practical simple tools to help you. Whether you are down with stress and fatigue, anxiety, insomnia or emotional instability, our app is your one-stop solution to ensure that desired calm and happier life”, stated Beatriz while speaking on the innovative approach taken with the app.

Welzen is free to download and install. The initial free installation will take the user to 5 days of Welzen series where they learn about mindfulness meditation basics, benefits and how to make their meditation practice a daily habit. There are free of cost guided meditations as well as expert coaching sessions. As the user upgrades to the paid version, they gain access to an extended suite of mindfulness meditations, advanced coaching sessions, and categorized series focused on different areas of improvement.

Of all the categories, it’s the Stress & Anxiety which are the most popular among the Welzen users. Beatriz and her team have recently released two new categories- “Kids” and “Sleep”. What makes Welzen even more exclusive over other regular meditation apps is its soon-to-come “Business Hours” which is about to be launched in December. Designed for busy professionals, this particular category will offer short micro-meditations which can be performed during stressful moments, like juts before a presentation, or at any time during business hours in order to stay mindful, calm, and productive throughout the workday.

“Meditation is our key to a fulfilling and happier life as it helps to reduce stress, improves focus, enhances cognitive function and creativity & improves relationships as well. With that in mind, we have equipped Welzen with versatile and engaging range of wellness tools that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of meditation, even while you are on the go”, added in Esteban.

Interestingly and much to the convenience of the users, Welzen is way more affordable than other meditation apps. Esteban promised unlimited access for $7.99/mo, 39.99/year or onetime payment of $99 for a lifetime subscription.

To download Welzen, visit App Store or Google Play

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/qo3mOgkMrIM

Distributed by Iris Schwenk

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