November 15, 2016 – The world of wearable technology is about to get more affordable as the Vivograph smart watch has been introduced. An Indiegogo crowdfunding project has gone in place to support the production of the world’s first smart watch polygraph. Available for $149 on Indiegogo, this product will bring the world of smartwatches out to more people.

This is a unique product that will do more than just monitor a person’s physical signs. It also monitors the wearer’s psycho-physiological state. This helps people with controlling their emotions under a variety of circumstances.

The watch is estimated to be released in February 2017. An Indiegogo campaign is in operation right now to raise funds to help with manufacturing this product.

This smart watch product is an appealing option that will feature all the key health and physical monitoring features that one would expect to find out of a watch. It also featuers a polygraph, a product best known as a lie detector.

The polygraph works by reviewing the stress level and other features in the body that keep a person from feeling worn out. It analyzes how well the body relaxes itself and how it might experience stress over time. This is used to also monitor how a person responds to different stimuli.

As this works, it reviews how the body experiences stresses. This helps to determine what problems the body might have when trying to respond to diferent things in any situation. When used right, it should be very easy for anyone to identify one’s mood.

Various sensors work hard including ones that identify how the skin that reacts to the body work. This assists in understanding how one responds to pressure and worry.

This all comes with a variety of clear and easy to use visual controls. It offers ideal setups that feature clear visual displays of how well the body is managing different things. This has a brilliant design that is carefully arranged to feature a great look.

The other features in the Vivograph are especially useful to see. It offers a GPS system and a touch ID setup that makes it easier for people to find directions or to secure the watch. It uses a sim card to receive calls as well.

A 32 GB memory card can be added into the watch to save data as well. In fact, this is linked to a small camera and video recorder on the inside of the watch.

This is all expected to be available for around $149. This is more than $100 less than many other comparable models. People can go to the Indiegogo site for this product to reserve their Vivograph watches now.

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Vivograph LTD is based out of Hong Kong and is the manufacturer of its Vivograph smart watch. The company works with various psychologists, IT professionals and other experts to help with creating better products of all sorts.

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