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Many people have a false idea of what personal injury really is and this prevents them from getting the legal advice they need when they become the victim of an accident. Although the most common type of personal injury is from car accidents, they can also occur from dog bites, property that has not been kept up, or from situations or equipment used at work. The main feature of a personal injury is that it results due to the negligence of another party.

Work-Related Injuries

Worker’s Compensation is a type of insurance that employers must purchase to protect them from liability in case an employee is injured on the job. When these types of accidents do occur, employees may find that the medical costs and the time lost from work have a much more severe impact on their life than the worker’s compensation covers. Often, the injuries are severe and permanent, resulting in the inability of the person to earn a living.

When an accident occurs at work or during activities when the person represents the company, an experienced work accident lawyer is the only professional who knows whether the accident is really a personal injury case and what the potential costs to the victim will be in the future. Kevin Attkisson knows how to fight for his clients and get the verdicts and settlements that will take care of the bills and reduce the financial and emotional burden a long-term injury can cause.

Personal injuries occur in a number of situations. When a property owner fails to keep their property in good condition or if they allow a dog to run loose where others are vulnerable to dog bites, they are being negligent and putting the well-being of other people at risk.

A personal injury lawyer has the primary goal of getting the financial support his clients need and that they are entitled to by the law. Whenever negligence is the cause of an injury, The Attkisson Law Firm is prepared to get the best possible results for their client. In addition, the law firm never charges any legal fees until the case is won.

About Attkisson Law Firm

Attkisson Law Firm ( is a personal injury law firm serving the greater Dayton, Ohio area. Attorney Kevin Attkisson has handled thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his clients. His expertise in dealing with insurance companies and an in-depth understanding of personal injury law makes him the best choice during a frustrating and confusing time. The Attkisson Law Firm is a 2016 “10 Best” rated law firm by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and they are “The Heavy Hitters” that clients need to win against insurance companies.

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