Qie.Live taking sports fun to new level for fans with live streaming game analysis videos

Chinese Sports Live Stream portal Qie.Live is extending real-time live streaming match analysis videos by smart broadcasters for all the different kinds of sports and major game leagues

Shijiazhuang, Hebei – November 15, 2016 – Great news for all sports fans always on the lookout of real-time match analysis while checking the games! New Chinese Sports Live Stream portal Qie.Live is taking the sports fun to another level now with its live streaming match analysis videos by broadcasters. The site caters to all kinds of sports.

“As great sports fans ourselves we understand that how you long for the match reports as no match viewing experience is complete without a thorough analysis. But now, you don’t have to wait for the next day paper or the television news as we have come up with live streaming match analysis videos by smart broadcasters to ensure a more meaningful match view experience for the sports fans. You will have detailed scrutiny of the match in real-time to have a better hang of the game. We are hopeful that you would find our live videos really useful and if our audience is content with services, then they are most welcome to acknowledge the broadcasters with cash rewards,” smiled Isaac Tan, the man behind Qie.

Designed somewhat in tune with live streaming video sites such as Periscope and Meerkat, Tan’s site is mostly about the sports for a focused specialized experience for the sports audience out there. Qie is game with all sorts of sports and major sports leagues to cater to all kinds of fans out there.

“We are here for all the sports fans, so whether it’s the NBA football that you swear by or the most buzzing boxing feat that you are looking forward to, we can bring you live streaming analysis videos for any match. You will also find live streaming videos on indoor games like snooker and pool or chess. Moreover, we have got videos on dancing and gymming as well. The idea is to create a wholesome environment for the extensive and versatile sports audience out there.”

Speaking further, a leading spokesperson from Tan’s team mentioned about their section for upcoming sport streaming events which will enable the members to subscribe, follow up, mark favorite & watch the videos, when they would be broadcasted live later on. It eliminates the risks of missing out on desired sports streaming videos on their scheduled dates. The site also features 5 highlighted on-going sports sections which recommend the members the top videos to watch right away. This way, the viewers are freed from the hassles of opening a new tab all over to check out the best of live videos.

“With Qie, you not only relish live streaming sports events but you would also enjoy watching our real handsome & beautiful broadcaster guys and girls. You can even chat with them live to know more about the strategy analysis and on going situation of the matches,” added in the spokesperson.

To check out the live streaming match analysis videos by cool broadcasters now, go to Qie.Live.

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