Airwheel Z5 Smart urban e Scooter Frees Designated Drivers From Worries.

Along with the increasingly strict traffic rules as well as the unavoidable gatherings, designated driving business is booming. Drunk driving is an extremely irresponsible behavior that ignores the lives of owner and others, which also will receive legal punishment. For designated drivers, an Airwheel Z5 is their best assistance and worthy partner.

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Designated driving business comes into being and supports lots of designated drivers with the increasingly strict traffic rules as well as the unavoidable gatherings. Designated drivers need a transport that can shuttle back and forth among different places. However, walking for a long time makes them fatigued, while taking taxi will decrease their income. Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter is qualified as such a transport.
Airwheel Z5
Many people are curious about how designated drivers handle Airwheel Z5 when they drive their client home. In fact, there is an easy solution: just put it in the truck, which mainly benefits from its multiple folding systems. With the brand new folding point and concealed lock catch design, Z5 electric standing scooter possesses a stylish externality. Triple folding system of Z5 enables it can be easily folded into small size and stored in a car trunk conveniently.
Airwheel Z5
Meanwhile, Airwheel Z5 also offers very comfortable and relaxing riding experience and it won’t make designated drivers fatigued even continuously riding for several hours. Riding Z5 standing up electric scooter is more in line with the body’s daily standing habit, and reduces the burden on both legs, as the matting foldable pedals and front-standing riding posture guarantee the stable and comfortable riding experience.
Airwheel Z5
Also, the battery mounted on Airwheel Z5 urban e scooter frees designated drivers from worries, too. It adopts external modular battery design that empowers drivers to change the battery, to upgrade range and to maintain the battery easily. Combined with the USB port, drivers’ mobile phone and other daily smart devices will never run out of power.

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In addition to the long range, Airwheel Z5 also supports night riding. It is equipped with automatic light, based on lighting system to facilitate the understanding of road conditions. With the Intelligent security tail lights system, it brings not only the attention, but also safety. Besides, it can avoid traffic jam and thus help designated drivers get to the destination punctually.

Undoubtedly, the advent of Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter is a blessing to them.

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