Anchor Roofing firmly established as preferred roofing contractor

Houston, TX – Anchor Roofing has been servicing the Houston Texas area for almost twenty years now. During this time, they’ve established themselves as the preferred choice for individuals (and businesses) hoping to undertake roofing renovations of any size. Whether it’s nothing more than a simple repair job that clients want to be sure is done right, or a complete replacement from the roof up, Anchor Roofing intends to be the contractor you can trust.

Currently, there is a huge problem for homeowners and business owners who hope to have serious renovations completed. First and foremost, there comes the issue of diagnosing the problem. Sure, it’s easy enough for a regular property owner to recognize a leak in a roof when the water starts pouring through, but exactly what amount of work does that leak entail? Some places will convince clients that a single flaw in a roof necessitates the entire thing be redone, Anchor Roofing explained, when in reality there’s a much simpler, quicker, cheaper fix.

Anchor Roofing Inc. hopes to end this type of corruption in a very straight-forward way. “The answer is simple – we stand out from other roofing contractors because our philosophy toward work and business is that every customer deserves to be treated as our employees, friends or family.” Lying to customers about necessary repairs is something that Anchor Roofing says will never make its way into their business plan. And since they’ve been (and plan to remain) a family-run, close-knit organization, they think they can keep those standards high.

Anchor wants to present optimal solutions to their clients and potential clientele. Ultimately, they say their goal is to foster healthy relationships with their customers, save them money, and remain the first business that they think of when a roofing issue of any kind appears to be formulating upon their residential or commercial abode.

So far, the BBB Accredited business seems to garner critical acclaim from all of its previous customers.  “They made the roof happen during a critical weather situation over Labor Day weekend. It could have resulted in so much home owner insurance damage,” explained J.W, a man whose home became in need of desperate repair during a usually busy weekend. A representative of Anchor Roofing explained with a summarization of their philosophy, “We know that your home or business is probably your biggest investment. What’s a better way to show you care for your home than to protect your roof? Let us help you protect your property with Anchor Roofing.”

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Company Name: Anchor Roofing, Inc.
Contact Person: Victor Kato
Phone: 7132662777
Address:3511 Bering Dr
City: Houston
State: TX
Country: United States