Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Features Naomi Sarna, Internationally Awarded Jewelry Designer and Gem Carver

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(LOS ANGELES, November 15, 2016) – Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with Naomi Sarna, an award-winning designer and sculptor of precious colored gems.  As BJ Hackman, past President of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) comments, Naomi Sarna “…is creating pieces that no one else in the trade has done in the past.”  He adds that, “Naomi is probably the best carver of gemstones worldwide.”

Recognized authorities applaud her unique approach to designing historically important jewels with gems sourced from around the world.  To date, her work has garnered 27 awards internationally and is a part of the Smithsonian Institute’s Permanent American Gems Collection.  Naomi’s works are acquired by discriminating art-collectors who enjoy presenting and wearing her unique pieces.  Her work has become a part of American Art History and she continues to generate visionary designs that redefine the art.

Naomi went to Tanzania to pick a crystal for an international competition. This became her L’Heure Bleu, the world’s largest top-color tanzanite carving. At that time, she began the first of several visits to Tanzania to teach the Maasai women to make jewelry to sell in shops so as to raise them out of poverty.  Naomi took notice of the number of women who had cataracts and were unable to perform basic tasks due to the lack of eyeglasses and eye care.

Millions are deprived of basic eye care, because of poverty, isolation and disease. Her work is literally eye-catching and her desire is to help the Maasai see and thereby earn a living. Naomi saw the paradox of creating and selling high jewelry while the people from whose hands these raw materials came lived with poverty and blindness. The sale of Naomi’s $500,000 award-winning tanzanite carving, L’Heure Bleu, will benefit the eye-care of the Maasai women who live and work at the source of this jewel.

Naomi works to create one-of-a-kind gem carvings that are both stunning to look at and incredibly beautiful to wear. They captivate and tell a story.  For more information about Naomi and her work, visit and tune into Fox Business Network as sponsored programming at 4:30pm EST on Saturday, November 19, 2016. 

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