Leading social entrepreneur Joy Case’s revolutionary book reveals REAL solutions for a sustainable future

New game changing book “Crowd Power in the Age of Human Potential “by leading social entrepreneur Joy Case talks about real effective solutions to save our Earth and work towards a prosperous future.

Vancouver, BC, November 15, 2016: With  continuous  strikes  on  our one and only planet  leading  to  serious  mayhem  for  the overall  eco-system,  many feel doomsday  seems  to  be  ahead  of  us.  However,  even  in  the  midst  of  such despair,  there  seems  to  be  hope.  Leading social entrepreneur Joy Case has recently launched her revolutionary book “Crowd Power in the Age of Human Potential“ that extends actionable practical sustainable solutions that can lead us to a prosperous future. 

The book is available in both softcover and instant PDF versions. 

“We  are  witnessing  an  unwanted  change  in  the  world  and  unfortunately  it’ s  happening  at  a  jet pace.  On  one  hand,  we  have  millions  who  are  deprived  the basic  requirements  of    a    standard  quality    of  life    in the    forms    of    ill    health,    lack    of    proper    shelter,    poor education,  malnutrition, unemployment, and on the other we have mindless destruction of our  Mother, Earth. The planet is being abused & poisoned to such menacing degree that when we are  supposed  to  toast  to  a  grand  future,  we  are  constantly  under  the  fear  of  a  disastrous catastrophe  and  climate  ruin. But it doesn’t    need    to    be    this    way    and   this    is    where   “An Idea    Nation” comes in.    The    book    offers    you    real,  actionable    and   smart    solutions    for solving  global  challenges  that  can  actually  lead  us  to  a brighter future,” stated Case while announcing the launch of her futuristic book.

One  of  the  most  iconic  entrepreneurs  of  the  current  era,  Joy  Case  is  the  founder  of  reputed cutting  edge  video  marketing  company  Case  Global  Media.  With a background in media, education    and    real    estate,    she    has    committed    to    helping    others    in    the crowdfunding space for several years.  

Speaking  further  on  her  book,  Case  explained  that the  conception  of “An Idea  Nation” is  powerful enough to make a “real difference” in life- it’ s not only about the life of the reader but will also change the life of all others around for the better.  

Case’s book has garnered rave reviews from its readers. 

“Your 2016 would be incomplete without a catch up with ‘Crowd Power by An Idea Nation’. The book  serves  as the    much needed    thought-stirring    change    agent    today, here   to    motivate  you  with  its authentic  truths  about  the  destruction  going  all  around-as  well  as  essential  do-able  solutions which can bring about a positive impact in our lives in the near future. It will leave you inspired enough to actively participate in solving global challenges. It’ s  fact-based  and  very  well-written-  all  praise  for  the  author.  The  revolutionary  book is here to open your eyes and  compel you  into  action”,  noted  Monica  LaSarre,  one  among  the  many  inspired  readers  of  Crowd Power by An Idea Nation.

Sherwood Neiss, Principal of Crowdfund Capital Advisors, LLC, writes in the foreword, “Open your mind to the power of co-creating our best future.  With the global growth and success of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, it is becoming clear that the power of human potential is realized when we accept that many small contributions from a large number of people really add up.

The World Bank report ‘Crowd funding’s Potential for the Developing World’ stated that crowdfunding is expected to overtake venture capital in the finance markets within 10 years; this is evidence that the power of human potential in collaborative groups is real. There is global acceptance of this means of raising capital to fund all kinds of ideas and projects. 

Now, importantly, as a result, we can make agile commitments to innovation when coupled with the instant effect of online connectedness.  This book helps readers to not just visualize that but to walk away with an understanding of how they might play a significant role in co-creating the future.”

In Case’s words- “Yes, the book highlights certain dramatic details but we are not harbingers of ruin or catastrophe. Rather we are here as the prophets of light and joy who are looking  forward  to  involving  you  and  everybody  around  to  ensure  a safe  and  enriched   sustainable future for our one and only planet.”

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A portion of proceeds from the book sales will go towards building up the Global Think Tank to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. 

Be inspired and get your copy of the book today, at Blurb: Crowd Power in the Age of Human Potential

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