Luxury anti-aging, 100% natural face oil – NH Elixir comes with delightful discounts this fall!

100% natural luxury oil, NH Elixir Luxury Face Oil assures radiant skin and promises a healthy glow overall. It’s currently on a great fall discount.

Vancouver, BC, November 15, 2016:    Great    news    for    all    those    looking    for    a    better alternative    to    traditional skin-care solutions!    NH    Elixir    has    come    up    with    its  breakthrough  100%  natural luxury  face  oil  that effectively  defies aging  and  assures  an overall  luxurious radiant  glow  for  skin.  The greatest news is that this futuristic natural face oil is currently on a generous fall discount. 

The discount is valid until 20th November. 

“For all those looking for the best face oil, the quest ends with our NH Elixir Luxury Face Oil. We present  to  you  a  superior  combination  of  vitamins,  precious  essential  oils,  antioxidants  & nutrients that synergistically work to battle the unwanted marks of aging. Not only that, our oil is equipped    to    enhance    your    complexion    &    ensure    a   gorgeous    glow    of health    to    your overall countenance.  One major upside when comparing other products, is that it’s completely natural and non-toxic and hence the safest solution for you,” smiled Natalie Hilder, the creator behind NH Elixir Luxury Face Oil.   

“We are also glad to announce that we are  presently  running  a spectacular fall  discount   on  NH  Elixir  Luxury  Face  Oil  with  which  you  are getting the face oil at just $97 CDN instead of the regular $130 CDN,” she added in further.



Free  from  toxins,  chemicals  &  preservatives,  NH  Elixir  Luxury  Face  Oil  is  made  up  of  au-natural   ingredients-   Apricot   kernel   oil,   grapeseed   oil,   lavender,   myrrh,   frankincense, buckthorn oil, argan oil, carrot seed oil and roseship oil. 

It assures a light touch on the skin, eliminating all worries of stickiness.  It absorbs quickly into skin leading the skin to generate less oil, whilst also assuring deep nourishing moisture. There is no  question  of  greasy  residues  here  &  the face  oil can  be  comfortably  applied  under  make-up.  Benefit    from    tightened    skin,    reduced    puffiness, reduced wrinkles, and faded age-spots.  Natalie’s  wonder  oil  promises  to  moisturize  and  tone  up  the  skin  with  essential vitamins & oils. 

Hilder  herself  had  been  facing  some  health  challenges  for  some  years  that  made  her  look  for  a product  that  would  be  100%  natural,  effective  &  luxe.   The scarcity of such a path-breaking  solution  in  the  market  led  her  to  search for  beauty  secrets from  Egypt  &  Middle East and finally she came up with the NH Elixir luxury face oil. 

“It surprised me with simply incredible results and the ingredients were effective in dealing with various  skin  issues,  ranging  from  rosacea  to  acne  to  aging  &  more,” noted  Hilder while discussing about the testimonials coming forward since the inception of her face oil.


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NH Elixir Oil has earned rave reviews from its users; several users use it on their entire body. 

“It’s good, amazing and super fresh. It doesn’t feel like oil at all,” noted happy user Fatima. 

“I    was    a little    skeptical    about    using    face    oil    as    I    thought    it    would    be    sticky.    But    I applied it one night and when I woke up the next morning, I felt just so refreshed. There was no stickiness,” Judith commented, delighted over NH Elixir. 

To take advantage of the one-time fall discount offer, visit and get your Elixir today!  

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