Compression Sock Can Help Take the Strain Out of Christmas Claims Manufacturer

Orthotic Compression Sock Can Support Feet and Ankles While you Shop!

As we move into November with Halloween behind us, the Christmas season is truely starting to pick up speed. For many people this means more footwork than they are used to as they scour the malls and department stores for that perfect gift for their loved ones. Online shopping is still increasing but it doesnt deter most people from experiencing the Christmas spirit as the decorations go up and Christmas music fill the air.

Unfortunately for many people this can be a painful time as many thousands who suffer from conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs and Edema can find the prospect of just strolling round the mall a painful experience.

In a statement today by Orthotic Compression Sock manufacturer Base Socks they offered a solution to the foot weary shoppers of America saying that a medical grade support that can be worn under cloths and socks could hold the answer for a pain free shopping experience.

A spokesperson for Base Socks explained further, “There are thousands upon thousands of people who suffer with foot and ankle pain in silence. Many just suffer. Some may even turn to pharmaceutical painkillers to mask the symptoms. The problem with that being that it does nothing to help the injury recover. A compression sock takes the pressure of the ankle and foot arch giving the area time to heal whilst relieving the pressure and pain while you walk. The support is graduated to allow for bloodflow to get to the affected areas so it can heal. The best part is that it is slim and unnoticeable. Before long you won’t even know that you are wearing it!”

A Top 1000 reviewer on Amazon also agrees staing in a review of the base Sock Compression Sock:

“Having Plantar Fasciitis is hard enough, these make my arch and heel feel so much better. The snug compression feels great and reminds me that while I’m wearing these I should also be doing my foot exercises too. They are not so snug that they cut off circulation in the ankle or across the foot. Read the fitting chart and order accordingly. The heel of these is shaped very nicely and offers a minimal amount of padding however it is shaped nicely and you can slip a silicone pad inside if you need more padding. They are thin enough to wear under your regular sock and comfortable to be able to wear all day. A total win!”

The Base Socks Orthotics Compression Socks are a new graduated compression sock that provides medical grade graduated compression support for all types of foot and ankle pain to include Plantar Fasciitis. The slim pair of socks that can be worn throughout the day under normal wear provide relief for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendon, stress fractures, Edema and heel spurs. The compression sock provides targeted orthopaedic support through its graduated levels of compression so that support is aimed at the ankle, arch and heel but allows flexibility for blood flow and movement. They make excellent as support for all types of sports and exercise regimes that put added stress on the foot and ankle. The compression sleeve is also used by travellers and helps regulate blood flow and swelling often experienced on flights.

The spokesperson continued, “We would like to wish everyone a memorable holiday season and hope that using a Base Socks Compression Sock can help make it as pain free for those in need of support this Christmas.”

The Base Socks Orthotics Compression Socks(1 Pair) is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time the product can be purchased a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


Base Socks is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the Base Socks Orthotics Compression SleeveSock (1 pair).

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