BrighterTrends Showcases the Top 8 Sewing Machines Available for Purchase in 2016

BrighterTrends’ editor-in-chief, Laura Bennett, releases reviews for the site’s best sewing machine picks in 2016

Whether you are a seasoned professional making a living off of the wonderful garments and crafts you make every day, or a beginner that is taking their baby steps into a hands-on, rewarding hobby, the first thing you need is an adequate sewing machine. Finding the right model for you can be a daunting process, so in order to minimize the hassle and help you need to make a well-informed decision, Laura Bennett, the editor-in-chief of BrighterTrends has just updated the site with a guide on the best sewing machine reviews in 2016.

“Choosing the right machine for your individual needs is crucial”, Bennett remarked. “Getting a model with too many fancy stitches before understanding how to use them all properly can only lead to frustration.”

Bennett takes a deep look into the matter, showcasing what she believes are the top notch models when it comes to sewing machines this year. At BrighterTrends the reviews are segmented. There are high-end models that come with the latest advancements and a myriad of different features, as well as more affordable options perfectly suited for beginners or situations where you have to make a quick fix on the go. There’s also a handy “general guidelines” section that expands upon a number of different factors to take into consideration in order to make purchasing the right kind of sewing machine as easy and rewarding as possible.

BrighterTrends, in general, is a site that offers its users well-researched articles on a number of different household related appliances and items. Other than sewing machines, you’ll find detailed and comprehensive guides on carpet cleaners, stainless-steel cookware and many more appliances. Each of these guides has the consumer firmly at heart, dispensing with heavy-handed technicality in lieu of facts that an average person finds immediately useful and relatable. The reviews outline each product’s strengths and shortcomings, what types of uses it is best suited for, and give an overall rundown of its most pertinent features.

Not that the guides are devoid of numbers. Each one features a practical table that outlines every product’s features and price in an easy to understand manner that makes comparison between different models readily available.

Bennett isn’t limiting herself to guides only. BrighterTrends aims to become a hub for knowledge and information pertaining to running a good household. New articles appear frequently and offer readers insights into different aspects of domestic life, making the site more than just an aggregate of reviews and links.

For more information, Bennett can be reached by phone at +1-302-278-6975 or by visiting online.

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