Three Latinas Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence in a New Short Film

New York, NY – Dahlia is an experimental short film that explores the story of a Domestic Violence victim in a new perspective. The producers of Dahlia have launched a crowdfunding campaign from now until November 21st, 2016 on Seed & Spark.

The production team invites you to support the making of the film and you can make a contribution here

Your contribution will be adding to the community of domestic abuse by challenging stereotypes of who can be a victim and increasing the awareness of red flags and behavioral patterns of the offender and victim. By supporting Dahlia you’ll be helping the production team finish their research documentary, shoot the short film, and submit to film festivals.

The production team is comprised of three Latinas who are proudly challenging the film industry. With only 26% of women behind the scenes, Macarena Carrizosa (director), Anies Castillo (writer & lead), and Michelle Polanco (producer) are excited to shake things up. Macarena Carrizosa, an award winning director for her short, De Lunes a Lunes, met Anies Castillo in acting class – taught by the renowned Anthony Abeson. One year later, Michelle Polanco joined the team and exclaims, “I did not have to think about it… to be a part of something that can make a difference and impact so many people, even save lives, is what I was yearning for! Through this project we hope to give a voice to those you do not have one and show victims that they are not alone.” 

After working on Dahlia for 3 years, Anies Castillo decided it was time to shoot the short film. With the help of Seed & Spark, a crowdfunding platform for filmmakers, the team launched the campaign on October 12th, 2016. Making a movie requires extensive work and investing. Dahlia is looking to raise $15,000 by November 21st, 2016, to help hire cast and crew, rent cameras, light and sound equipment, pay locations, edit the film, and submit to film festivals. 

Take a look at what they have done so far:

Dahlia Documentary intro:

Dahlia Trailer & Campaign Video:

Take a stand and support!

About Dahlia: 

Mandy gets ready to leave her husband, Noel, after three years of being in an abusive relationship. She holds her baby Ali and picks up her bags when she hears Noel coming home early. Once Noel realizes what is happening, Mandy faces the greatest danger of her life. Memories of her past flood her mind and she endures what might be the most violent outbreak she’s been through. Will Mandy overcome the battle against her fears, love and husband’s fist? 

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