New Kickstarter Campaign Launches For BoardPass Bag, A New Way to Keep Apple Accessories Tangle-Free

Taipei City, Taiwan – On October 25 2016, Arky Design launched a Kickstarter campaign for BoardPass Bag, a new organizer that tidies up all of your Apple devices and cables to help you be more productive and make your Apple life easier.

“Apple prides itself on its sleek and simple design. But why are we, the users with all the different parts and cables, not living up to the same standard?” the creators ask, “BoardPass Bag is the solution to bringing everything you need with you while staying neat, organized, and in style.”

BoardPass Bag is a versatile organizer that can be adjusted to suit your changing needs. With BoardPass Bag, you can always be sure that everything you need throughout your day has its own special place. No more searching through a messy bag or untangling cords! BoardPass Bag makes sure that every student, traveler, and professional is ready to go with their important items and devices within reach. This sleek and stylish bag is water resistant, so users can rest assured that their devices are protected from rain or spilled drinks.

Arky Design’s unique removable Organizer Panels make travelling through security checks easier than ever. Rather than finding all their electronics separately, BoardPass Bag owners can simply remove the panel and secure it back when they are finished. BoardPass bag is also the first of its kind to include a built-in card reader and USB hub, meaning it can even be used as a portable workspace.

“At Arky, we don’t just ‘manufacture’ products. We brainstorm for ideas, examine every design detail with scrutiny, invite industry professionals and experts to evaluate the feasibility of our ideas, and partner with great studios to make sure each item is made solid and workable,” the team explains, “Through on Kickstarter, we’d like to engage directly with greater market audience and invite you to join us, the Arky community. Together, let’s make BoardPass come true!”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one Organizer Panel for $22 NΖD, one early bird BoardPass Bag with one Organizer Panel for $72, and more. Backers can also pledge $144 for two BoardPass Bags and Organizer Panels or $360 for five sets.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.  

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