Dr. Nie Wentao Will Initiate Medical Help for Patients with Eye Bleeding and Bone & Joint Diseases

According to Changjiang Network (www.cjn.cn) news, in order to further carry forward the Chinese national Virtue of helping people in economic difficulties, to develop the health care of Wuhan City, as the World Diabetes Day WDD is coming, the charity activitiy named “Health Aid Programme” (HAP) on a large scale of a thousand of people will start on November 14, co-held by Wuhan Welfare Foundation for the disabled, Disabled Persons’ Federation of Jiangan Distrct, Substrict Office of Jiangan-Xima, Wuhan Youjia Health care Co., Ltd.. The Registration and Screening process has now officially started. This programme is mainly focused on the diabetic eye diseases and Bone and joint injuries, will be implemented by effectively early intervention,  emphasizing and propagating the prevention of disability in order to update the health knowledge and the ability of health protection for cityzens.

Many patients who suffered blindness due to  eye bleeding have recovered their visions after taking the Dr. Nie’s nutritional intervention treatment (Sanghuangzi made in China and Diabenit by Dr. Nie made in USA). For instance, Sun Guixin, former musical teacher in No. 30 high school of Haerbin City. She lost her vision due to eye bleeding.  She received many treatments from different large scale hospitals in china  and got no any effect.luckly, she has recoverd her vision after the use of Dr. Nie nutritional intervention methods. For another instance,  Zhu Jinxiu, a citizen in Wuhan city, lost vision in her right eye for a year and a half. She also has gotten  her vision after Dr. Nie’s nurtional intervention. This time, Dr. Nie Wentao decides to provide health aid for 500 people with eye bleeding. And Dr. Nie also will provide health aid for 500 people with bone and joint diseases. So, this health programme will benefit for 1000 people.

Dr. Nie Wentao is the traditional Chinese medicine group leader, in  nutrition branch of the Chinese gerontology and Geriatrics Society, being widely attentioned due to his nutrition intervention effect on diabetes and diabetic compliacitons. Dr. Nie Wentao is the inheritor of “Shennong Hand and Eye” among the most traditonal inheritated chinese medicine techniques, with outstanding characters in the rehabilitaion of bone and joint injuries. The activity will take place in the Xun Jin Zheng Gu center, No23. Gao Xiong Road, Jiangan Distrct, Wuhan City.  

This health aid programme of Dr. Nie Wentao is initiated under the national  background of vigrous develpment on Chinese medicine, and also demonstrates that more and more chinese people are increasingly and highly valuing the technique from chinese medicine.  

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