EditionGuard Announces New eBook Fulfillment Options

November 16th, 2016 – EditionGuard, a technology startup that offers eBook protection and fulfillment services, recently announced two new eBook fulfillment options called EditionMark and EditionLink. Both options give authors and businesses a convenient way to sell and distribute eBooks in real time, without the need for costly in-house solutions.

With the EditionLink fulfillment option, eBooks will be accessible directly through a download link that will expire based on the preferences that are set. EditionMark has the same features along with the addition of a watermark containing the personal information of the purchaser inside the eBook. One of the major benefits of both EditionMark and EditionLink is compatibility across devices, allowing buyers to enjoy the eBooks they purchase on all of their devices.

EditionGuard, which was founded by Turgay Birand in 2012, has relied on Adobe DRM protection until this point. With the launch of EditionLink and EditionMark, EditionGuard’s customers can now choose the protection and fulfillment type that best fits their needs.

Founder and CEO Turgay Birand said, “We have already received positive feedback from our current customers, as well as several industry leading publications. Being able to offer our solutions that we have full control over is a big milestone for our company.”

For more information about EditionGuard, visit www.editionguard.com

About EditionGuard

EditionGuard supports authors, publishers and eBook resellers by protecting their eBooks through secure fulfillment. Features include Adobe DRM, EditionMark and EditionLink fulfillment options, support for eBook rentals, sales analytics, an easy to implement API and turnkey solutions with eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify. With plans starting as low as $24/mo, EditionGuard offers an affordable and convenient way to sell eBooks directly to customers without the need for an in-house solution. With plans to add more to their offering soon, EditionGuard is poised to become a leading service provider in the eBook protection and fulfillment industry.

Media Contact
Company Name: EditionGuard
Contact Person: Turgay Birand, Founder
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Phone: +1 855 563 3548
Country: United States
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