New Book Release by Author, Pedro Okoro, “7 Keys to Maximizing Your Potential and Enjoying Everyday Life: Your Best Life Ever”

Pedro Okoro – Award Winning Author

Author of “The Ultimate Guide To Spiritual Warfare” and “Crushing the Devil”

Book Launch – Tuesday, November 15

Let me introduce you to an exciting new book that will offer both inspiration and hope to many people all over the world. It is the third book from award winning author, Pedro Okoro, that stays consistent to the fantastic faith-filled messages he so eloquently shares for the benefit of all mankind. Thoughts of a better future and countless encouragement abound within the pages. Pedro’s book offers just the right amount of actionable suggestions to make you desire to get out there and live “Your Best Life Ever”! — Rebecca of Love2EncourageYou
About The Book
You’ve not YET danced your best dance. You’ve got to realize that your best life is still out in front of you!
WHAT happened to your life? Your real life! The one you were created to live. Remember that life? The life you used to dream about. You probably still dream about it today! Take a moment to think back and reflect on the things you were going to do. And the person you longed to be. The promise of a healthy, wealthy, joyful life, full to overflowing with wonderful things.

What if you could still:

• Put your life back on track to where you should be?

• Maximize your potential?

• Discover and fulfil your purpose?

• Live beyond limitation?

• Enjoy everyday life?

Well, the good news is, you can!

Pedro Okoro challenges you to believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, because impossible is nothing. Through personal experience, compelling stories and authoritative quotes, he provides 7 well-founded, practical, bite-sized nuggets which will inspire you to ENJOY everyday life and LIVE your best life, today…right NOW!

Are you TRULY prospering or BARELY surviving? IT is time to ENJOY the incredible life you’ve always wanted!

About The Author


Pedro Okoro

Pedro Okoro is a pastor, award-winning author and blogger. He lives on the outskirts of London with his wife and their two beautiful daughters. He has authored two other books, Crushing The Devil and The Ultimate Guide to Spiritual Warfare.


Brilliant, engaging and an inspirational masterpiece! — Dr. T. Ayodele Ajayi, Author – Footprints of Giants. London, United Kingdom.

Exploding in this book is the truth about the meaning of the word “Impossible”. A word that seems to be just an ordinary every day word in our vocabulary, but in truth has an amazing power over our lives. Pastor Pedro brilliantly unfolds for us, step by step, the mistakes we make as we fall for the trap the enemy sets out for us in order to keep us from ever living our Best Life Ever. — Elsie J. Ruiz, Founder – Shepherd’s Way International, Inc., Cumming, GA, USA

I just read your book and it was the encouragement I needed to put my life back together! — Nelda Collins

Very uplifting and empowering! — Winnie Smith

In the pages of this book, we find 7 golden nuggets of wisdom that will lead us towards breaking free from the lies that have aborted our dreams! — Elsie J. Ruiz, Founder – Shepherd’s Way International, Inc., Cumming, GA, USA

A fantastic read. Very exciting and faith building! — Ash Kotecha, Evangelist, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

What are you waiting for? Get the new book TODAY and start enjoying everyday life!

NOW available for pre-order! Your Best Life Ever releases on Tuesday November 15th 2016, and is now available to pre-order.

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