HAUDONGCHUN’s Feminine cleanser Product ‘Jilgyungyi’, Heading Abroad To The Japanese Market!

HAUDONGCHUN(CEO Choi, Won-seok), a South Korean company manufacturing feminine hygiene products, is heading abroad to the Japanese market with its female suppositories trademark ‘Jilgyungyi’.

HAUDONGCHUN’s Jilgyungyi was registered for marketing authorization with the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare and also received patent approval on its prevention and treatment of vaginitis taking its first step into the Japanese market.

Jilgyungyi is a total vaginal care product which was certified by the South Korean government for passing its deodorization test and also proved to moisturize and tighten the vaginal area along with improving the skin tone.

Alongside the patent approval in Japan, HAUDONGCHUN holds 12 patents in total of 10 countries such as China, Rusia, Austrailia and the U.S. Most especially, the company expects to earn yearly revenues of 1.5 trillion won in the Japanese market in addition to the patent approval.

CEO of HAUDONGCHUN Choi, Won-seok said “It will be our thriving goal to succeed in the Japanese market with this patent approval, as well as planning on expanding the sales out to the global market since there are a lot of recent attention to K-beauty throughout the world”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/zpKmZ5YisCc

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