Jacob Hanna’s Lab investigates the process of cellular reprogramming

Jacob Hanna’s Lab utilizes in studies a diverse arsenal of biological experimentation methods, high throughput screening, advanced microscopy and genomic analyses.

Israel – 12 November 2016 – Jacob Hanna’s Lab is a very well known lab which does Pluripotent stem cell studies and Epigenetic reprogramming. Jacob Hanna’s Lab is led by Dr. Jacob Hanna. Jacob Hanna’s Lab is doing research in following: Deciphering Cellular Reprogramming, Understanding Naïve and Primed Pluripotent States and Human-Mouse Cross-Species Chimerism.

Breakthrough in deciphering cellular reprogramming was made in 2006 and the credit goes to Takaharshi and Yamanka. It has now become easier to reverse cellular differentiation, and generate induced pluipotent stem cells from somatic cells by epigenetic “reprogramming”. Experts at Jacob Hanna’s Lab investigate what are the dramatic molecular changes happening in the cell during reprogramming and how they are connected to similar in-vivo processes. Jacob Hanna’s Lab pointed out two chromatin regulators that play a role in the process and one which is essential for reprogramming and the other which is obstacle.

Jacob Hanna’s Lab investigates the regulation of naïve and primed pluripotent stems cell in mouse and human. Jacob Hanna’s Lab was able to maintain human stem cells in a naïve state, with distinct molecular and functional properties, including enhanced ability to contribute to cross-species mouse chimeric embryos. Jacob Hanna’s Lab also found that mRNA methylation has a critical role in facilitating degradation of pluriptent genes, an essential step during the switch from naïve to primed states, both in-vitra and in-vivo. Studies by Jacob Hanna’s Lab involve eludation molecular regulation of these states across different species and define how their molecular architecture dictates their functional competence.

Human stems cells that are sustained in naïve culture conditions can be injected to mouse blastocyst and contribute to cross-species chimeria. Jacob Hanna’s Lab investigates these chimeric mice as they are very valuable tool for human disease modeling in a whole-organism context.

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