Athlete Network and Augmented Publishing Group Join Forces to Promote Diversity In Athletics

Inspired by the season of giving and the National Day of Philanthropy, Athlete Network and Augmented Publishing Group are launching the 5-5-5 Campaign in an effort to highlight the incredible results that can be achieved when we put our differences aside and embrace a common goal.
Chris Smith

Augmented Publishing Group has teamed up with Athlete Network in what they are calling the “5-5-5 Challenge” to raise $50,000 from 500 athletes over the course of five days. The two companies are using the National Day of Philanthropy and our current holiday season of giving as a perfect time to showcase the benefits of diversity in athletics, and the positive impact it can have on society.

Athlete Network is an online community where athletes can connect and help propel each other to successful careers and lives once their competitive athletic days are over. The company is led by founder and CEO Chris Smith, a former University of Hawaii football player.

“Our community can be such a change agent of society,” Smith states. “Athletics teaches you to maximize your strengths while compensating for your weaknesses with others’ strengths. [Through athletics] you learn to embrace and respect others’ skills and talents rather than focus on sexual orientation, race, political views, ethnicity or any other type of diversity that exists.”

Athlete Network members use their unique platform to set an example for the rest of world on what a diverse group of people can accomplish by coming together to support a larger goal.

Augmented Publishing Group is a Los Angeles-based boutique book publishing and media agency. They specialize in creating relevant books on topics that need content and education distributed to specific demographics.

Here are the details of the “5-5-5 Challenge”: 2,000 books need to be pre-sold in five days.

They are challenging members of the Athlete Network community to purchase two books and ask a fellow athlete to do the same. For every copy that is bought, one copy will be donated to a college where student athletes can begin to understand the unique skills of teamwork, dedication and cooperation they can contribute to the world, now and once their playing days are over. The pre-sell book is a “special edition” copy for $25 which includes shipping. They are asking each athlete to contribute $50 in the buy-one-give-one initiative.

“The book will share encouraging stories, as well as actionable tips and strategies on how to start positive conversations that embrace the differences each individual brings to the table,” says Lisa Williams, president of Augmented Publishing Group, and former collegiate athlete herself. “My hope is that the insight shared by the athletes who participate in the book’s creation will become infectious to all who read it — whether you’re a college athlete or a working adult. When we team up … we can conquer anything!”

The name of the book is “#REALTalkRacism – Athletes Matters, ‘How Sweat Dissolves Color Lines: Blowing the Whistle on the Racial Divide.’” The book will be published on Amazon and made available in early 2017. For more information, and to learn how you can help support the initiative, visit

“Athletes everywhere are using the positive traits they acquired by competing at a high level to make a difference,” Smith says. “I am asking the Athlete Network community to join us in making a positive impact on all people across the world.”

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Athlete Network was founded with a simple mission: create an online community where athletes can fuel their driven lifestyle. Athlete Network works to keep athletes competing in every aspect of their lives by uniting them in one network. They provide athletes with online tools to network with fellow athletes and the most efficient access to employers that embrace their competitive mindset and push it to higher levels. Visit for more information.

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