How Private College Students in Kosovo created a National First in Technology

November, Kosovo- Considered as one of the most successful creations of technology, 3D printer is indeed a breakthrough technological innovation. The 3D printer is also regarded as tech’s game changer and the technology of the future. The technology has been adopted by Ford Motors, saving over $490,000 a month of work with this production method. 3D printing technology is a game changer, giving hope in medicine, spare parts and liberalizing the printing world in an unprecedented manner.

Great news from Kosovo, as students of the Faculty of Computer Science from AAB College successfully created a 3D printer. This technological feat is the very first of its kind in Kosovo, pointing to a great future for the country. The 3D printer is now ready for printing three-dimensional objects of various kinds, which must be designed and modeled in advance.

Commenting on the achievement, the dean of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB, Professor Blerta Prevalla, says: “This project is the creation of 3D printer which students will use to design different models and three-dimensional printing at the same. This printer will be used by generations of students to be enrolled in the Faculty of computer science. This is a project that has started several months ago and lasted until all parts were provided and mounted and ready to be used by students.”

With the right tools, environment, and resources, young minds can achieve anything they set their minds to achieve and compete with any of their contemporaries in any part of the world. The 3D project is a first of its kind in Kosovo, showing that anything is possible.

The technological achievement is a prove of the college’s vision of keeping up with new technological developments and full integration in European Higher Education (Known and Bologna Process), to be an active participant in all relevant initiatives in higher education and a key promoter of the social and economic development of the country.

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