KnivesUnboxed Showcases its Guide on the Finest Kitchen Knives in 2016

James Thompson, the editor-in-chief of KnivesUnboxed, has published his guide on the top kitchen knives to look out for this year.

Knives have been the subject of numerous marketing campaigns and TV ads for decades. A generous marketing budget doesn’t necessarily imply the highest quality though. This is why James Thompson, the editor-in-chief of KnivesUnboxed has published the site’s top kitchen knife picks for 2016.

“There’s just so much misinformation and blatantly false advertising out there”, Thompson remarked. “We wanted to offer our readers a glimpse into the real state of things without relying on brand names or TV commercials.”

In the guide featured on KnivesUnboxed, Thompson gives an in-depth, hands-on overview of several high-grade knives as well as some more accessible models. Each individual knife is reviewed, its general characteristics as well as strong suits and shortcomings are clearly addressed, and the author ends every review with a few personal remarks on the given knife’s quality and how best to use it. The review portion is followed by a generalized guide on factors to take into consideration before making a purchase, such as the different styles of blade making that are available and the various practices users should employ to keep their knife sharp and functional.

The tone in which the guide is written is laid back yet precise, allowing readers to fully comprehend broader concepts as well as minute details. The necessary hard facts are given some space, but the focus is mainly on the products’ potential to perform adequately in a real kitchen setting. It also comes with a convenient table where each product’s basic characteristics are outlined so comparisons at first glance can be more easily made.

KnivesUnboxed provides information on a wide assortment of knives and products related to them. It offers unbiased and expertly written guides on pocketknives, EDC knives and tools to sharpen them as well. It is Thompson’s aim to reach out to the broader public and educate them on the proper use and maintenance of knives in order to prevent unnecessary injury as well as to help readers get the most out of their purchases, both in terms of longevity and practical application. Thompson periodically releases articles on the general application of various knife types as well as tips on their proper use.

For more information, Thompson can be reached by phone at +1-813-213-0425 or by visiting online.

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