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Neck pillow now becomes one of travel accessories that most travelers must have during their trip. Many benefits of using neck pillow have been raised. First of all, neck pillow makes an alignment of head and neck which brings better rest during trip. Moreover, it helps people reduce snoring during the rest because the breathing passage gets aligned.

Neck pillow is not for travelers only, but people can use it while relaxing at home; for example, while watching TV, while reading books etc. “Yeah, Neck pillow can be used as a lumbar support while you are reading some books. It is great to have something support your back while sitting for a long time.” said by the representative of Smileylife.

Mildtravel Buddy (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0190MESGU), another version of neck pillow from Smileylife has received great support from customers for a long time since the first day of launching products. “Mildtravel Buddy has received great feedback as same as Mildtravel Pillow, the first version of neck pillow from Smileylife. This reflects that many people focus on their healthy as the priority concern.” said by the spokesperson of Smileylife.

One of the customers shares the experience about Mildtravel Buddy that “this neck pillow is absolutely incredible. I suffer from neck pain on a daily basis and no matter how I shove a regular pillow around to try to get some relief it just doesn’t help. I spend long hours in front of a computer and this just instantly gave me relief when I slipped it around my neck. The little beads allow it to mold perfectly in all the right spots and it feels great against your lower back too. Sometimes after I use it on my neck for awhile I slip it against my lower back and it offers great gentle support there as well. I cannot say enough great things about this pillow I honestly wished I had found it sooner as it has made such a big difference in my neck pain. I highly recommend this product it is worth every penny.”

Another customer also gives a positive feedback. “I really like this travel buddy pillow. I have bought quite a few travel pillows for my neck and my daughter who’s special needs and can’t hold her head up all the time, none of the others worked at all. Plus none have the strap to keep it in place. The form fitted ones fall off and I have to pick it up all the time. The formed ones are so uncomfortable and are bungle some also hard to carry with my suitcases. They gave me more pain then I had before. When I came across the Neck Pillow for Sleeping With Microbeads And Polyester Strap BySmileylife, I was more then happy to try it out. Because it is made with Microbeads, I knew it would be more convenient and comfy. So I thought what can it hurt. I haven’t used it on a plane yet, but I used it at home for me and my daughter. The Neck pillow with microbeads turns out to be the best travel/neck pillow I have bought. It has a convenient snap that snaps together and stays attached. The cover is so soft, there is a zipper that is not exposed at all so it won’t scratch when using it. It comes with a removable cover, so it can be washed. The inside microbead cover is not removable so there for it isn’t washable, but it is easy to wipe off with a damp washcloth and air dry. I am In a support group with other parents of special needs children/adults and work in nursing, I have bragged on this neck pillow so much I am sure they will buy.” written by one of  customers.

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