Depressed Democrat Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Donkeys Date

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 11/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Depressed Democrat, an app development firm, is thrilled to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Donkeys Date, an online dating experience for Democrats. Depressed Democrat plans to build a world-class website and dating app for American Democrats, a groundbreaking idea in the world of online dating.

Donkeys Date is in no way intended to diminish or displace the other peaceful and legitimate forms of protest that are springing up all over the nation. Families are worried that “mass deportation forces” will break them up. Boys and men of color fear for their lives. Women face the loss of hard-earned reproductive justice rights. Scientists will inevitably have their work set back as we have emboldened top climate change deniers. Jewish Americans and those offended by the alt-right movement look on in horror as Steve Bannon is named Chief Strategist.

A spokesperson for the project confirms this, saying, “These are scary times. We just want to find you a cuddle buddy.”

With the domain, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles secured, Depressed Democrat is pleased to join the millions of Americans looking for community and solace in the wake of the 2016 election.

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