Drone Platform: A couple of Stanford researchers have created the unimaginable.

November, 2016 – A couple Stanford students and researchers have recently developed a personal drone for the home, that anyone can easily make apps for. It’s like an iPhone, that has tons of different apps, but it flies! If that sounds interesting, check them out! http://adia.tech

ADIA, the new drone platform, promises a much simpler product: “you download and install a new app” by using a phone, and the drone suddenly “learns” more skills!

The drone is equipped to perform functions like: filming indoors or outdoors, delivering food or medicine, and even providing security at home and sending alerts if someone breaks into into the house.

The drone was created by two Stanford students. The Founder and CEO, Lucas Roitman, who is a Latin American student, inventor and designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina and his friend Yash Savani, who is an Artificial Intelligence researcher from Mumbai, India.Together, they have come up with this cutting-edge drone. 

The team also has worked with other researchers like Tushar Soni, who’s focused on the deep-learning aspects, and Naman Gupta, who is currently implementing the SLAM 3D mapping algorithm.They have designed the prototype, and now they are partnering with contractors venture capital firms. They were insistent in making sure that their drone is used for the good of society.

This drone is a first of its kind. It is created for the home and personal use, and allows the installation of many diverse applications. They said: “In the beginning, we are thinking of launching three different apps: Film, for indoor or outdoor filming, Deliver, for food or product delivery, such as medicine, and Secure, for private security at home.” 

This is a perfect drone for anyone who enjoys watching breathtaking view of nature shot from up above. It is designed run different programs thereby making it a versatile drone platform. Finding a drone designed as platform in the market is near impossible. Most drones are built for a single purpose; Adia Drone allows you to add new programs and enjoy your drone the more.

ADIA’s CEO said that they aim to “deliver drones to the the mainstream person, so that every household has one, and put them at the service of the individual, not only big faceless corporations”.

He also added that “Our drone is much easier to create applications for. Our goal is that even a smart 5-year-old can make a basic drone game app”.

Media Contact
Company Name: Adia Tech
Contact Person: Lucas Roitman
Email: roitman@cs.stanford.edu
Phone: +1 650 273 6117
Country: United States
Website: http://adia.tech/