A Russian Beauty Used 17 Dollars to Visit Beijing, Making Tango APP Popular

Recently, a Russian girl Dasha became popular rapidly in China, who used 17 US dollars to visit Old Beijing of most Chinese characteristics. She uploaded her sightseeing strategy guide onto WeChat which was spread like wildfire in China. Net friends commented that, “the girl is very beautiful, less than Old Beijing of thousands of years!” In addition to the beauty, Tango APP also becomes instant online celebrity.


Dasha likes Bejing, the Beijing in hutong rather than the Beijing of reinforced concrete. She said, “That’s the real Beijing.” Old Beijing is constituted by hutongs, the latter is the quintessence of Beijing. Dasha’s friends in Beijing recommended her to download Tango APP, by which people can reserve local Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in different regions of China and know about the characteristic travels recommended by local people. It’s Tango APP that made Dasha get to know the Beijing landlord, a genuine Beijinger, who took one day to show Dasha around in Old Beijing. They visited historical sites and scenery of Beijing, sought local accent and folkways, saw interesting places and things, tasted authentic Beijing food and appreciated its elegant demeanor and romantic charm, all of which aroused Dasha’s infinite reverie to the Oriental ancient capital.


The Beijing landlord took Dasha to cross the spatio-temporal tunnel of history, by seeking all dynasties in Old Beijing as well as style and features of imperial capital for Ming and Qing Dynasty, visiting memorial archway of royal palace, Panjiayuan Antique Market and The Bookworm Shop and strolling in chessboard-type hutongs and courtyards. The landlord talked with Dasha enthusiastically about anecdotes of kings, heroes, scholars and debutantes in various dynasties. The landlord said, “There are many foreigners on Tango APP who want to live in my house, and I am also willing to take them to visit the most unadulterated Beijing.”


Quadrangle courtyard is a must during sightseeing in Beijing. Dasha was quite lucky to live in simon-pure Beijing courtyard near Shichahai by one yuan when she was booking room on Tango APP. According to the introduction by the landlord, this quadrangle courtyard used to be the mansion of Taining Duke of Ming Dynasty, where Taining Duke and 9 generations of his descendants (14 dukes) lived for life. Therefore, the whole courtyard still keeps the scale and structure of Ming and Qing Dynasty up to now.


Thanks to Tango APP, Dasha only took 17 dollars to cover expenses for eating, playing and living in Beijing for one day. Tango APP and Dasha became in favor, by which people can not only book diversified sources of housing, such as villa, homestay, apartment and rural dwellings, but also further feel Chinese culture, make friends with local Chinese and spread Chinese culture all over the world.

Dasha lived in homestay of China, which seemed to be a transition of identity. She became the master, living in the mood of Old Beijing.

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