The Getnoticed App That Can Record, Highlight & Track Sports Videos Is Back

Share videos and get noticed by a worldwide audience with the Getnoticed App

The United States – 17 November, 2016 – Ex Pro Football player and founder of GetNoticed, Guy Branston, recently launched his new talent sharing app, which looks set to change the way talent gets found and shared through mobile devices. In this digital era, people all around the world are willing to do anything to get noticed, but putting your skills in front of the right audience has always posed a problem. With the evolution of the smartphone and social media we may just have found the solution in the form of one very clever mobile app.

Get Noticed is a revolutionary mobile application for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices that allows you to film, track and share your sporting skills videos to a Worldwide audience. You can use the built-in video recording and editing functions or import your videos from YouTube then track or highlight people and objects in your videos to showcase them. The app doesn’t only cater to sports but can also be used to highlight educational videos, track security footage or even share business videos.

The app, although still new to the market is rapidly gaining traction and receiving promising feedback from new users. Matt Neil, Plymouth Argyle F.C. Football Analyst said:

“Get Noticed App is a great free video app that I will be using time and time again for my job. It’s so important to identify players movement in my job the app can do that quickly saves me time and the club money!”

The most highlighted feature of Getnoticed is that users are able to capture or record the event instantly and then share on YouTube or any other Social network which can drive audiences/followers all over the world. In addition, the Getnoticed App comes with a few exciting value added features like video editing, video importing, tracking or highlighting a particular object/person in the video.

The Getnoticed App is now available for free on Android as well as iOS platforms. It is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

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Contact Person: Guy Branston
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