Research trial ‘CBD Trial’ inviting participants to unveil healing wonders of CBD

Vegas-based Company Novuum Remedium and acute pain management/Cannabis healing expert Dr. David Snipper has launched a research trial to study therapeutic advantages of CBD. It’s legal, free and anybody can take part in it online.

Las Vegas, NV – 17 Nov, 2016 – All those who deem cannabis as synonymous to only a wild high are going to have second thoughts now! Do you know CBD cannabinoids can combat seizures, nausea, neuro-generative disorders & chronic pain? Well, leading Vegas-based obstetrical anesthesiologist and pain management expert Dr. David Snipper has launched a breakthrough research trial “CBD Trial” which is aimed to bring to light the therapeutic advantages of CBD for an ongoing better health.

As CBD is safely non-psychoactive, it won’t produce that unmindful high or mood swings usual with many other cannabinoids.  Interested participants can sign up with the online trial for FREE and if they qualify, 90-days of free non-psychoactive CBD would be mailed to their address.

“CBD shows immense potential in ensuring a robust health, free from ailments and our CBD Trial is looking forward to explore all such healing benefits along with you. The trial would include a 90-day course of CBD oil (mid-dose) therapy for your health maintenance. There would be an online questionnaire for the participants where you can log in your response easily. We would frame both objective and subjective criteria to evaluate your general health & gather the needed data at regular intervals,” stated Dr. Snipper while speaking on his trial study.

He mentioned about the 2013 review in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & a US Government Patent of 2003 which acknowledged CBD as a great antioxidant which can lessen free radicals causing neurodegenerative disorders. In fact, US Patent #6630507 has recognized the amazing therapeutic power of certain cannabinoids in healing disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & HUV dementia.

After nearly 3 decades of practicing conventional medicine and more than a decade in holistic unconventional healing arts, with 3 years in the Cannabis scene – Dr. Snipper has realized the limited effects of regular drug therapies which only reduce the symptoms and can’t help with long-term healing. According to him, plant-based derivatives are rich in several active substances which harmoniously work together to assure complete therapeutic benefits.

“When it comes to finding new routes to ensure ongoing health, it’s better we look at the cannabis-based medicines which go beyond than mere reducing symptoms. Thus, we’re studying CBD now. Without THC’s psychoactive properties, there’re only a handful of folks who would be poorly compatible to CBD for their health maintenance. After decades in allopathic medicine and over a decade of practice in self-trained unconventional healing arts & 3 years in Cannabis industry – I have framed the map of a remedy plan that I am hopeful to go a long way in healing health issues effectively.”

For all those worrying about the legal issues – CBD could be derived from mature stalks of industrial hemp & can be legitimately sent throughout the States. Consumers can access the CBD treatments sans the worries of legal issues. Dr. Snipper’s CBD Trial only uses CBD derived from specially-bred industrial hemp.

“Our CBD is sourced & processed legally and completely complies to pertinent laws & government standards. You won’t need to have any medical recommendation to participate in the study. So, come forward to realize the healing benefits of CBD yourself with our study.”

To take part in CBD Trial, complete its HIPPA-compliant application form from

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