iPeg, Revolutionary Video Format, Enables Transparent Background And Inline Auto Playback, In Any Browser

JIANGSU SHENG, CHINA – The latest evolution of HMTL, HTML5, features a video tag that, while very convenient, poses a few limitations.

Firstly, the tag does not handle transparent pixels, thus limiting video form to rectangular shapes, and making it unsuitable for rendering in layers with other elements on its hosting webpage. Secondly, the inline and auto playback options are limited on a smartphone’s browser, as both inline playback and auto playback are only available for PC browsers.

Android smartphones currently feature the inline playback option, but not the auto playback option. Due to this limitation, Android users are required to tap their phone screens to turn on the video content available at a website’s header, for its initial view.

In iOS versions 9 and older, both of the aforementioned features are unavailable, and video content is streamed exclusively in full screen mode.

As a result, website developers using Responsive Web Design for all devices (Android, iOS and PC), are forced to write separate source code for each of platform – a process which can be arduous, time-consuming and frustrating.

Oosite Inc., a prominent software and hardware technology company, has come up with a solution to help planners and designers of online video ads, as well as HTML5 game creators who are interested in using video elements in their games, which will help them deal with all the problems associated with HTML5 video tags: iPeg.

With iPeg, the transparent background and inline auto playback features can be enabled by using only one source code for all platforms.

All the encoding process is done in the browser. Through uploading the encoded file to one’s server, and writing some simple code, the video is instantly played in users’ viewed websites.

By using iPeg, online ad planners and designers can finally rest assured that their video ads will be viewed by website visitors. Furthermore, game developers using HTML5 can choose from the easily-obtainable, free and paid transparent background movie materials available, and, through using their desired combination of the latter, they can, at last, carry out effective game production.

The iPeg platform is currently supporting Android, iOS and PC.

To learn more about iPeg, please visit: https://ipeg.video/

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