ThreatAdvice Launches to Assist Companies in Reducing CyberSecurity Attacks

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, November 17, 2016ThreatAdvice launched today as a multi-faceted online cyber security risk analysis platform with a primary focus on cyber Assessment, Education and Insurance. Additional services include phishing simulation, employee background checks, and offsite data storage. The startup will initially focus on servicing the financial industry but will also address cyber security concerns in the retail, healthcare, legal, utilities, education and other spaces.

ThreatAdvice is founded by David Brasfield, an entrepreneur and accomplished sales and marketing strategist who has previously founded five successful companies focused on financial technology. Steve Hines, founder of Emergent Holdings, an angel investment group, will serve as the company’s CFO. Will Blackburn and Katie Brasfield will lead the development of the site and services.

According to a recent U.S. Senate Select Committee report on intelligence, cyber is now the number one threat to national security. Huge data breaches are occurring almost daily, and criminals now operate in the cyber world very efficiently and effectively. Ninety percent of all enterprise cyber breaches occur because of an unsuspecting employee not being prepared in the basic steps of cybersecurity. ThreatAdvice aims to help companies reduce these risks through their robust product suite.

ThreatAdvice’s Cyber Awareness Training learning management system provides an organization with the tools needed to train employees to be cyber aware and avoid potential missteps that would lead to a company data breach, customer distrust and a potential public relations nightmare. The Phish Simulator enables companies to actually send phantom attacks and see where their enterprise stands overall in terms of cyber awareness and preparedness. The Cyber Risk Insure product from ThreatAdvice provides cyber insurance coverage needed to avoid catastrophe in the event of a successful attack. And the Employee Background Tracker tool can help any organization perform all the necessary background checks to help them feel secure about their employees.

“To paraphrase an old saying, ‘a wall is only as strong as its weakest point,’” said Brasfield CEO of ThreatAdvice. “When it comes to cyber security, employees without an ongoing cyber security training program are that weak point, leaving the institution vulnerable to attack. ThreatAdvice’s solution suite assists companies in neutralizing attacks by educating and training employees and mitigating the damage associated with cyberattacks,” he said.

ThreatAdvice plans to make its tools affordable with no upfront fees and offers a pricing structure with a set monthly fee based upon the number of employees who utilize the tools.

About ThreatAdvice

ThreatAdvice was founded in 2016 to provide companies with comprehensive cyber protection by offering tools to educate employees on cyber risks and proper steps to take to identify and respond to an attack, simulate cyberattacks, insure against potential attacks and provide in-depth background screening on employees.

The company’s tagline is Assess. Educate. Insure. For more information visit

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