Super Towing launches new dead car battery replacement service

Super Towing has been growing in its role as Ottawa’s leading roadside assistance and towing company. With the introduction of its new dead car battery replacement service, the company offers even more advantages to clients.

Henry Malcolm, Super Towing fleet manager, says the introduction of this new service has been in response to customer demand, and the challenges of the Canadian winter that seem to take people by surprise. “We’re in Ottawa. Winters are cold. Sometimes people find they haven’t driven for a few days or forgot to plug in during a particularly cold snap and their battery is history, or we find people are here from other parts of the country and just don’t realize how cold an Ottawa winter can be – until they get stuck.”

In these cases, Malcolm says sometimes a restart is not possible. Where some companies may only be set up to tow a vehicle, costing the customer additional time and money in fees and relocating the vehicle, with the new service, Super Towing can get customers on the road faster by simply replacing the battery then and there where the car sits. “This can be especially valuable to customers in the more outlying areas where a mechanic may be 20 minutes or even further away.”

As it increases its service offerings, Super Towing takes the time to ensure its staff of skilled professionals are fully trained and ready to take on their new and growing roles. Malcom says his staff is trained and equipped now to handle a wide variety of car related issues including auto mechanic services, tire change, as well as locksmith services ranging from ignition key replacement to open trunk services. As the company adds more capabilities, staff will be trained accordingly to be sure “there is nothing they can’t handle.”

Locksmith services include rekeying, chip and transponder programming, and trunk and door opening.

Super Towing professionals are also equipped and skilled to handle a variety of tow situations including accident removal and environments where winching services are required. On congested streets and during busy morning commutes, this is not only valuable but critical in ensuring driver and tow operator safety. To professionals are experienced with motorcycle towing, medium and light duty towing, long distance towing and both dolly and flatbed towing, and they are equipped to determine the best tow method to suit the vehicle and the situation to ensure there is no damage related to the tow.

Malcolm says all of Super Towing’s services are backed by the company’s quality guarantee, as well as its guaranteed 24/7 30-minute response time, including on weekends and holidays. “We also guarantee affordable and honest pricing. We understand customers use our services when they are in trouble or stressed. Besides wanting to serve them now, we want to be sure that looking back in a calmer moment, they are reassured they were treated fairly.”

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