Random is a new kind of beautiful

RALEIGH, NC – 18 Nov, 2016 – A computer programmer out of Raleigh, NC has used the C# object-oriented language to create a collection of elegant and unusual images based on random coordinates, sizes and shapes.  This book is a delightful reminder of how fun and unpredictable coding can be.  The images are ready for framing as is or are perfect for coloring (inside or outside the thin lines) on cold nights in a cozy chair.  The book is called “Random” by J. Mummey and the book is available for purchase at several online retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon just in time for the holiday season.

This book is a reflection of how interesting life can be when predictable patterns are ignored and the unexpected is embraced.  This appears to be a common theme in the author’s own life just based on the wide variety of activities (everything from writing, figure skating, crafting and metal detecting to digitizing her father’s vast collections of memorabilia) that J. Mummey participates in when she is not writing code.  Readers can keep up with her latest adventures by visiting her web site to not only learn something new but the site also serves as a reminder to simply engage in life for a more fulfilling existence.

The next volume of Random is already in the works.  Being a strong supporter of education, the author plans to include not only images in the next volume but also code for readers interested in learning more about the craft of computer programming. 

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