Coder offers free stock-charting tool

Sharing code among developers and programmers has its long and rich tradition all the way from Steve Wozniak’s handouts at the Homebrew Computer Club in the 1970s to today’s open-source repositories like GitHub.

This same tradition is being followed by Developer Kenneth Fam Wencong; a 29-year-old Singaporean who earned a diploma in Management Studies while doing programming to earn money on the side. He follows this tradition on Simplestockcharts, a website where he offers his JavaScript API and code library as a free download.  The API is designed to be a simple stock-charting tool for web pages, is based on native browser technologies and works perfectly on all modern browsers, including handheld mobiles and tablets.

Web developers can now  use Wencong’s code to draw a historical stock chart for a given stock ticker and also insert it into a financial blog or portal.  

Wencong said he created the stock charting tool because he couldn’t find a good one through open-source channels.

Visit the Simplestockcharts website to see a preview of the stock chart and browse documentation for the API. You can contact the author by simply visiting his personal blog, where you can drop him a message or connect with him on Facebook.

Media Contact
Company Name: Simplestockcharts
Contact Person: Kenneth Fam Wencong
Phone: +65 8201 0774
Country: Singapore