The World’s Only Pesticide Cleanse

November 18 – Los Angeles, CA – was honored with the coveted Holistic Healthcare Award for pioneering the nation’s only Holistic Healthcare education focused on daily cleansing. 

While millions here and billions more around the world continue to suffer from chronic pain & inflammation, opioid addiction continues to claim more and more lives every day, without any real help from any government or any organization to curb this terrible epidemic in any way.

For this reason The World’s Only Pesticide Cleanse from was created to provide real pain & inflammation prevention through Holistic Healthcare.

This means absolutely no side-effects, no interactions with any drug treatments, and it really does taste delicious!  

The 3 steps to successfully cleansing daily: 

1. Mix 2-3 table spoons with water in an 8oz-12oz cup. 

2. Replace your breakfast every day in less than 30 seconds.

3. The World’s Only Pesticide Cleanse is also your meal replacement.

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About Making It Happen

For 30 years theHealthFoodGuru has been teaching all ages how to prevent their chronic pain & inflammation holistically, and with great success! The foremost pioneer on daily cleansing for lasting pain-relief.

Visit http://www.PesticideCleanse.comto learn more about daily cleansing and also receive your free Ultimate Cleanse Guide.

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