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LifeStyletic is a lifestyle and wellness website that provides informative articles on a variety of topics from credible sources. These articles focus on different topics such asbeauty, health, relationships, quotes, inspiration, nutrition, travel and quirky fun facts.

Most information and articles available on the internet mainly cares about word count and number of ‘likes’, however, the information at LifeStyletic is fact checked and brought from credible sources so that the readers can actually trust and follow the advice written in the article.

Some of the popular wellness articles are DIY Homemade Hair Treatment Mask, Tips for healthy skin, How to choose the best moisturizer for dry skin, Best superfoods that are high in anti-oxidants. The Travel Deals section is a travel search engine which also includes the low costs airline carriers. The website offers useful information and articles to help travel buffs in finding their next favorite destinations. For those with pets can explore the ‘Pet’ section on the website for information on pets’ wellness.

The website works with an aim to create a better, happier and healthier life for the people through the informational articles.

Besides being informational, LifeStyletic also offers a variety of handpicked and assorted supplies of natural and organic health products which enhance wellness. Shop online at LifeStyletic Wellness Grocer for personal care items, sports nutrition, nutritional supplements and organic products.Products do not include a US sales tax which means they can be made available at a lesser price than the market.

For a limited time only till 30 Nov 2016, type coupon code “BlackFriday” for an immediate 25% Discount valid for minimum purchase of $50. Get free shipping in the US by spending $100 or above on the products.

LifeStyletic also launched silicone cooking accessories merchandise on Amazon. LifeStyletic recently launched their home décor products on and under the brand name LaVieque Decor. The home décor holds aesthetic value as it is inspired by the work of artisans from Southeast Asia.

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