FineHandyman Reveals its Choices for the Top Garage Door Openers in 2016

Ralph Taylor, chief editor of FineHandyman, reveals this year’s picks for the best garage door opener.

With the proliferation of smart devices and innovative applications, garage door openers are getting with the times and offering a host of new convenience and security options. In order to draw more attention to this, Ralph Taylor, the chief editor of FineHandyman, has revealed his choices for outstanding garage door openers in 2016.

“People need to be more aware of just how many advantages a new model has to offer”, Taylor said. “It doesn’t just open up your garage any more, it actively protects your property as well.”

With this guide, FineHandyman gives its readers a comprehensive overview of various models of garage door openers that were tested by Taylor himself in a series of examinations that left some well-established brands out of the final selection. Each featured model is reviewed in detail, their features and possible flaws are outlined and a recommendation is made based on a given model’s price and whether or not it exhibits good quality that is worth the price tag.

Readers are also made aware of some general guidelines on choosing the correct garage door opener based on their specific needs. Attention is given to the fact that not every model can lift up the heaviest wooden doors and that some of them require the purchase of additional extensions for taller doors. Quiet operation is another feature most manufacturers emphasize on in their commercials, and is examined in detail as well. Consumers are advised on the regulations the openers need to adhere to and what sensors should be included to meet them. There’s even a practical table with an overview of each of the openers’ basic characteristics, making comparisons very easy for the average consumer.

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Taylor‘s intention is to make FineHandyman a place where interested users of all skill levels can come together and learn about the latest developments in this rapidly shifting field in order to achieve a safer and more satisfactory work and home environment.

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